Create Developer Application

General information

In general, think of Developer application (a.k.a., DevApp) as a container that stores your API access configuration:

  • Credentials
  • Selected ConnectPay API products
  • List of Callback URLs
  • BrandId
  • etc


List DevApps

To access DevApps, login into DevPortal, click DevTools in Menu bar and select My Apps item:

The My Apps page will open with list of your DevApps that can be used to access ConnectPay APIs:

Click on desired DevApp to edit/view its configuration.

Create New DevApp

While in above mentioned My Apps page press Register New App button.

  • Enter Name.
  • From API Available list select API products that you want to use.
Note: You will be able to modify API list at any time.
  • If any of selected API products would require Callbacks or Browser redirects, you will have to enter these URLs in Callback URL field. You can enter as many comma separated URLs as you need.
    Each hostname of callback URL in API requests will be validated against this list. 
    Always specify protocol along with hostname. Use only https protocol, http is disabled.

    Due to some legacy code (we are working on removing it), every DevApp must have Callback URL property filled with at least one complete URL (e.g., If you are not using PSD2 or Merchant APIs, please enter https://localhost (or your company's URL, if you prefer). We are terribly sorry for this inconvenience.

  • If you are using Merchant API, enter assigned Brand ID into MERCHANT API - BRAND ID field.
  • Press Register button. DevApp will be created and you will be presented with summary screen.

Note Client ID / Client Secret field - they will be required to successfully authenticate APIs that are secured with Basic Auth security model.

Below is the screen for creating a new DevApp: