Get Account ID and Statement

General information

  • To access Account Services (OB-AS) API, your DevApp should include Account Services API product

  • Postman collection of Account Services API is here

  • Access Token must include ob-as scope

Get Accounts

To get list of your bank accounts use Get Accounts API.

In the response you will receive list of sub-accounts that you have access to. Use accountId parameter as an account identifier where required when calling other Accounts Services APIs.

	"accounts": [
			"accountId": "LT803740020000000124-EUR",
			"currency": "EUR",
			"status": "enabled",
                        "name": null,
			"balances": [
					"balanceAmount": {
						"currency": "EUR",
						"amount": "1436761.81"
					"balanceType": "interimAvailable"
			"iban": "LT803740020000000124"
Note, that response will not include closed accounts.

Get Transactions

To get Statement (Transaction list), use above mentioned accountId and call Get Transactions API.