Get payment details

After Consumer is redirected back to your environment, get payment details by sending us a request as exampled below:
A. If you are a single merchant, use this PATH: /merchant/payments/{paymentId} and authorization requirements provided here.

B. If you are a platform using BaaS APIs, use this PATH: baas/merchant/payments/{paymentId} and authorization requirements provided here.

GET /merchant/payments/af8065f3-88da-4fad-b1d6-556667fe8284 HTTP/1.1
X-Request-ID: 4be51b3b-aef6-4797-bb03-982078c9f76f
Accept: application/json;version=2
X-Signature: kQFANf/z8qjgHyEfFOLPITjgYeQKjT4ksOJcOOJ7CcqEn6WXEw8exuL8yt+BUWMKoGFFt9wrL5X69ELVSXhp/ARodqmx/zyG/NfyCcqZ+SLX31h0jHWGH/u+IQtQXKt5x46PR/Yi7gCebqhrZXIt8au7duvFZB/ZNr/0YDsW0ciMzDsPsDl9dJcAyTIqa4B29rbyM+Svd6SMzlvqIDo4gH0BBX9aNYshrD9/eSFtGb3iysfU412UBzKqwYRiFK5tp84XwKKxai/ktuPW+gFQbF8U/fo5HQMYTUQ8+FeoIUfIEr1dReIVZZmcBI5Ncnpme1WYUXoViT9tdC+B8Z6Sow==
Authorization: Basic NTQxOThmNTItN2Q5Mi0zZjk4LTk5ZmEtOTE5OTE2NWEzZDQ3OjdmMGVhYjExLWVjZDEtM2UwZi05OTgzLWQ3OWIwNjYyYTZkYw==

Response body will contain all information about the payment. In addition to payment data provided in Payment Initiation request, Response will have set of various statuses and Consumer details.

	"merchant": {
		"generic1": "sticky",
		"generic2": "architectures",
		"generic3": "seize"
	"payment": {
		"paymentMethod": "PIS",
		"providerId": "03a4effd-d047-4c3e-ab95-1b4fb198b64f",
		"providerName": "Test Bank",
		"creditorAccount": {
			"iban": "LT249388994358452435"
		"creditorName": "Gravelbox Ltd.",
		"instructedAmount": {
			"amount": "1.23",
			"currency": "EUR"
		"remittanceInformationUnstructured": "Self-enabling homogeneous utilisation",
		"debtorAccount": {
			"bban": "1234567890",
			"bic": "1234"
	"identifiers": {
		"merchantReference": "c4e6c6f4-08c6-45f5-8dfe-48b84f736151",
		"creditorReference": "RF12334567",
		"endToEndId": "1dtejgGyPpkEMVqa3LrtvSgyCMX4Lm2VH"
	"consumer": {
		"firstName": "Chaim",
		"lastName": "Towne",
		"consumerId": "087a248a-d9c8-405f-a675-e4f76b186eee",
		"ipAddress": "",
		"email": ""
	"status": {
		"isTerminal": true,
		"createdAt": "2022-03-29T08:01:29.920Z",
		"code": "Approved",
		"lastUpdatedAt": "2022-03-29T08:02:47.000Z",
		"details": {
			"providerStatusCode": null,
			"providerMessage": null,
			"errorMessage": null

Property status.code

Our widget provides these statuses (parameter status.code) :


 Payment initiation request received from Merchant.


 Payment initiation response sent to Merchant.


 Redirect received from Merchant.


 Payment initiation request sent to Provider.


 Redirect received from Provider OR Payment status update received from Provider, however payment status is not terminal.


 Payment approved.


Funds has been received in Merchant Account


 Payment failed.


 Payment canceled or abandoned at Provider OR Session expires OR Consumer cancels payment before initiating it.

Property debtorAccount.iban

IBAN of Consumer account. Some providers do not provide Consumer’s account information (IBAN)

Property status.isTerminal

To uderstand if status is terminal, check status.isTerminal: Boolean finalisation indicator:

  • True – if payment is finalised and it‘s status won‘t change.
  • False – payment is not completed yet.