Going live

Going live

To go live with our APIs, you have to follow these simple steps (recommended, but optional).

1. Open a Developer Account

Separate Prod environment from Stage by creating dedicated PROD DevPortal account.

As it was mentioned before: We strongly recommend to avoid using personal (e.g., john.doe@mycompany.com) and create service level (e.g., api.integration@mycompany.com) accounts for PROD environment. This would mitigate risk of loosing access in case of developer rotation.

More details here

2. Create Developer Application

Process is the same as with Stage DevApps.

Just drop a line to dev-support@connectpay.com after account creation in production, for us to enable it.

3. Share PROD TLS (SSL) certificate OR RSA public key

A. For PSD2, Business APIs (Pre-authorized payments, statements, onboarding etc.), Banking as a Service APIs TLS (SSL) certificate is required

More details here

B. For Merchant Gateway APIs, RSA public key is required. You can skip #4 and #5 points and go directly to #6.

More details here

4. Generate authCode via Online Banking Portal

While doing this you will have to accept our T&C. Be sure to read them!

More details here


5. Get Access Token

More details here

6. Perform acceptance test

6.1 Stage

After you finish integrating our stage APIs, please provide us some sample requests and responses that you are plan to use. You can use our template for it.

Please provide full requests (with timestamps, headers, your client ID details).

Also, always add your developer’s contacts (email, phone is optional) to be informed about all API changes.

Drop this template to our dev-support@connectpay.com , please wait for our review to proceed with production.

6.2 Prod

After stage integration review, our engineering team will enable you production access.

7. Start using APIs!