Introduction and how to get started?


Accept Payments

  • Collect EUR payments from customer bank accounts in DE, FI, NL, and LT

  • Automated reconciliation – reconcile payments automatically and effort free

  • Different plug ins for your e-commerce platforms

Create customized payment experiences with our Payment Gateway API


How to get started?

If you wish to start using our Accept Payments service, please contact our sales and sign a contract.

Developer support

If you have any questions regarding integration / configuration support, please contact us:

For operational questions, please contact us:

Ways of using our services

Our service can be reached in different ways:

  • By plug-in. Magento, Shopware, Woocommerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop ecommerce platforms.

  • Direct integration. You can integrate our service according to this documentation.

Direct integration methods

We support 2 Accept payments API versions:

  • v1 – using mTLS and OAuth 2.0 authentication. It requires to have a SSL certificate issued by Certificate authorities that is renewed annually and OAuth token management . This version is not receiving feature updates and is planned for shutdown. 

  • v2 – using Basic authentication model and digital signatures for API requests. This is our default version used in plug-ins and is strongly recommended for merchants for direct integrations.

You can find Merchant API v2 documentation in our Postman collection.