Make and Authorize Currency Exchange Payment Order

General Information

  • To create Currency Exchange Payment Order and execute it, it must be Initiated and then Authorized. In this flow, currency exchange payments will be carried out without explicit SCA/MFA authorization.

  • To access Payment Services (OB-PS) API, your DevApp should include Payment Services API product

  • Payment Services API supports currency exchange payments (FX payments) 

  • Postman collection of Payment Services API, which support currency exchange payments (FX payments) is here

Check Currency Exchange Rate for Currency Exchange Payment

Before initiating currency exchange payment, you can check at what rate currency exchange payment order will be executed. To get specific currency exchange rate or list of different currency exchange rates you should call Get FX Rates API.

Please note that currency exchange rates change frequently, therefore, actual rate at which currency exchange payment will be executed may differ. It is advised to initiate currency exchange payment order immediately after getting FX rate, so that they will be the same.

Currency Exchange Payment Initiation

To initiate currency exchange payment you should call Currency Exchange Payment API.

Access Token must include ob-ps scope

Payment Authorization

To authorize currency exchange payment without explicit SCA, use Authorize Currency Exchange Payment API.

Access Token must include ob-ps:authz-nosca scope

Check Currency Exchange Payment Details and Status

To check currency exchange payment details and status, use Currency Exchange Payment Details API.