Make and authorize Payment Order

General information

  • To create Payment Order and execute it, it must be Initiated and then Authorized. In this flow, payments will be carried out without explicit SCA/MFA authorization.

  • To access Payment Services (OB-PS) API, your DevApp should include Payment Services API product

  • Payment Services API currently supports only SEPA-SCT and SEPA-SCT-Inst payments.

  • For Financial Institutions, when making payments on behalf of their clients, it is mandatory to provide full name of Ultimate Debtor. Use property.

  • Please do not use ultimateDebtor property if you do not need it.

  • Postman collection of Payment Services API is here

Payment Initiation

To initiate payment you should call Initiate Payment API.

Access Token must include ob-ps scope

Payment Authorization

To authorize payment without explict SCA, use Authorize Payment without SCA API.

Access Token must include ob-ps:authz-nosca scope

Checking payment status

To check payment order status, use Get Payment Status API.

Note, that some of the payments may require manual AML examination, thus they can be executed with delay.