Onboarding: Open Merchant Account

Merchant account

To start working with Merchant API, you must Open a Merchant Account.

Stage setup

Technical support team will onboard you on Stage environment. To setup an account, please share below listed information with Tech support team via dev-support@connectpay.com email.

We will need:

  • Your Company Name
  • Your eShop Name (a.k.a Brand name)
  • Merchant bank account (IBAN) within ConnectPay. You can find IBANs using Online Banking portal or Business - Account Services API ( You have to have your Stage Banking account open.)
  • Operational country (NL, DE, FI, LT)

When you’ll receive Stage Account from our support, please connect to your stage Account, select Merchant option and fill merchant application. After that, drop a mail to dev-support@connectpay.com for confirmation and providing brand ID .

Prod setup

For proper production setup, please contact your Account Manager.