Open Developer Account

Developer Portal account

To start working with ConnectPay API, you must Open an Account on ConnectPay Developer Portal.

Select Sign In menu item, press Create account (or just Navigate to New account page), fill all the details and follow instructions.

To increase security, we strongly recommend:

  • To open separate accounts for STAGE and PROD environments.
  • To enable MFA on PROD account
  • Do not use personal (e.g., but use service level (e.g., accounts for PROD environment. This would mitigate lost access risk (e.g. of developer rotation).

Online banking account

At the moment ConnectPay does not offer isolated Sandbox for API testing. Therefore, to actively test our APIs, we will have to onboard you onto Online Banking Stage environment. There you will be able to generate authCodes and create test payments.

Please contact and provide your Company Name your stage account opened.